About us - History

If you are reading this text, the reason is simple: Barracuda has already given you an emotion .
Barracuda is a project of ABSOLUTE QUALITY  strong and exclusive that was founded in 2002.
The planet bike discovers naked bikes and Alessandro the owner, with a great passion dreams of a big project , gives birth to the brand BARRACUDA.
Everything designed with great attention to quality of all the details. All human, technological, financial, and entrepreneurial activities are intended solely for quality.
The result is very strong from the beginning. A constant growth in the world,  to certify that who have contact with Barracuda can clearly hear the quality of strong brand and exclusive brand . 
Today BARRACUDA is the best seller  company in Italy and the project is getting stronger all over Europe with the help of the owners of the  EXCLUSIVE distributors in each country. The distribution grows inexorable worldwide.
With the best collaboration of all the most exclusive dealers of accessories in Italy and all world , the product BARRACUDA are accessible to everyone, because  the fast order service online with delivery in 24/48 in Italy and 72 hours throughout Europe.
The team BARRACUDA  consists of people who are willing to offer the best possible advice. Our major project is made from peoples , not just big numbers.
The key points of the project Barracuda? The absolute QUALITY of the product, the choice of well-kept DESIGN, excellent value for PRICE, type of special materials, advanced manufacturing  and innovative technology manufacturing .
Thanks to all those who are part of this great project and thanks to all the customers who have chosen Barracuda and who believed in us.

Alessandro Giardina.

Design and Production

BARRACUDA is a DESIGN project. All components of our catalog are designed and signed in design exclusively from us.
The study of our design finds its origin and inspiration in Simplicity and HARMONIZATION lines.
All BARRACUDA products are registered at UAMI for the protection of the international design rights.
The BARRACUDA team design works in the Home Company, is managed by Matteo Iuso and ALESSANDRO GIARDINA that together develop all the projects and all the graphics related to the brand.





BARRACUDA in his idea of quality project, protect the distribution of its products in accordance with strict rules for individual markets. The distribution by WEB selling is reinforced by agreements that prohibit the sale with discounts. BARRACUDA products are distributed in the best stores throughout Italy, but it 's possible to buy ON LINE directly from the official site for next 24 hours and 72 hours throughout Italy and abroad.
The distribution in the rest of the world is regulated by BARRACUDA OFFICIAL distributors for the individual states, which follow the guidelines and rules of the home company.



In the BARRACUDA catalog you can find just exclusive products of the brand, there are no products of the conventional market. The production of all articles is made in Italy and abroad depending on the characteristics of each product and the type of processing. The products are always made to BARRACUDA project and made at the establishments with high skilled. The BARRACUDA company and all production follow  the top quality standards ISO 9001 certified.

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